Benefits of broadband
A much faster and reliable internet connection via the telephone line, fibre cable, wireless or satellite. The NBN has had many political incarnations, but above all Eyre Peninsula is a forgotten wilderness, and 2015 seems to be the earliest any installations will take place.
Current indications are Ceduna, Cleve, Kimba and Port Lincoln are the only areas that will have some form of Fibre connection. Fixed Wireless could also cover an area around those centres as well as Cummins and Tumby Bay.  The Fixed Wireless (fixed as in the definition of a point to point service, fixed antenna to fixed antenna, NOT mobile like the current Telstra and Optus offering which is not NBN standard), service still has to be 'fed' by a fast NBN level fibre feed.

Since late 2007, the Telstra NextG wireless broadband service has been available where the NextG mobile service is available, but there are still vast areas of Eyre Peninsula still unable to receive a strong enough signal for that to be an option.  Expensive antennae systems help in some cases, but generally, outside of the major towns served by transmitters that system cannot be regarded as a full blanket cover.  The NextG service is not subsidised like a similar Optus service in some areas or Australia, and is comparatively expensive once the initial connection incentives are exhausted.

Other information summaries

Our Service
The internet service offers is to provide a local provider for the heartland of Eyre Peninsula, where personal contact is the desire of customers.  As our slogan states, "We are Local". Where services are out of the offering of, we offer third party services through other providers that would more closely meet customers needs.

Pricing information
Pricing offers from are through a wholesale facility that have chosen as the best suited for the small exchange capabilities of Eyre Peninsula. The Aggregator is there fore restricted to these exchange limitations.  Pricing is on a single service type, that is with no other incentive offerings such as fixed or mobile telephony services or other data services.

Other Information
Mail spam filtering, parental control and webmail services are offered to all users. Parental control is via a DNS server facility proven to be the most reliable for family safety.  Contact us for further information. We also offer in-house as well as remote computer servicing for viral, adware and malware infections, although this is often best achieved in-house if at all possible.

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