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Rural Systems, (hereinafter called the owners), of the www.eyreonline.com domain name and Internet Service eyreonline.com, (hereinafter called the service), reserves the right to refuse any application or to discontinue a service at their discretion.

will endeavour to be available and to have the connection to the internet up at all times. eyreonline.com will not be accountable for failures of service or loss of data.

reserve a maintenance window between 2300 hrs Sundays and 0300 hrs Mondays. eyreonline.com make no guarantees to availability during this time.

All payments must be received by Rural Systems in advance of connection or within 7 days of invoice date for all incurred costs.  Credit will not be extended beyond this period. Financial hardship must always be discussed with Rural Systems in the first instance.

Rural Systems
considers the account to be delivered when emailed to the clients nominated email address. Current policy is to disable client access if any account is outstanding for more than 7 days.
Financial hardship must always be discussed with Rural Systems in the first instance.

Upon request, dial-in accounts can be suspended for a period of time to suit a client’s specific need, at Rural Systems discretion.

Keep your username/password solely for your own use. You will be responsible for all time/data charges related to using this account. If you suspect somebody else knows your username/password, Rural Systems will gladly modify them at no cost.

We do not allow concurrent connections on a single account except under special arrangement and connection plans.

No sexually explicit, racial or otherwise offensive material is to be made publicly available on hosted websites, or distributed via mail.

No material which infringes on copyright conditions may be made publicly available on hosted websites, or distributed via mail.

No eyreonline.com service or facilities are to be used for unlawful acts.

You agree to indemnify eyreonline.com and Rural Systems for all actions that you undertake using our facilities.

You agree to pay all Rural Systems legal costs associated with a breach of these conditions.

It is a vision and commitment of  Rural Systems and eyreonline.com to undertake provision of a service you can enjoy and benefit within the stated terms and conditions.

By using eyreonline.com, you agree to abide by the above terms and conditions absolutely.

Complaints Handling Process
Complaints in the first instance should always we directed to our office, 17 Railway Terrace, Lock, 5633, 08 86891188. Discussion is always the best policy, and should be resolved amicably. The customer can always appoint an advocate if desired to help resolve the complaint.
But if the customer desires, the next contact should be the TIO (Telecom Industry Ombudsman) Office, 1800 062 058, or
http://www.tio.com.au/. Complaints can be lodged online.

Enjoy and God Bless.

The directors and team of Rural Systems.


Copyright 2000 - Rural Systems
Sponsor & Developer: Rural Systems

Email: webmaster@eyreonline.com