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If your product is requiring renewal, contact us for a new 1 or 2yr activation code @ 15% off new price.
AVG 2015 is here, faster, more secure!

Version 2015 is released under only 2 main products, as well as being released as 32bit and 64bit versions for all of XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 
new pricing 1/9/2014

 AVG Anti-Virus, AVG Internet Security ,

Download from the links below, install, then update
Fully functional 30 day evaluation, contact us for your activation code within this period for continued protection for either 1 or 2 years. 
Friendly un-complicated installation & configuration.

Anti-Virus now offers Virus AND Spyware protection, PLUS Anti-Rootkit, AND the acclaimed Web-shield, which is built into all segments.
 Runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8
Only $75 for a 2yr subscription, $52 for a 1yr subscription,
$64 2yr renewal, $44 1yr renewal.

AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 off-line

AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 64bit only off-line
If you are upgrading from previous versions, use this on-line installer
AVG Antivirus Pro 2015 on-line

AVG Internet Security 2015, this is the most comprehensive and complete package for computer security you could ever need.  Combining Virus, Malware, Spam, Rootkit, Firewall, Webshield, the NEW Identity Protection component, and System Tools.    Runs on Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8.
Only $108 for a 2yr subscription, $70 for a 1yr subscription
$93 2yr renewal, $60 1yr renewal
AVG Internet Security 2015 off-line

AVG Internet Security 2015 64bit only off-line
If you are upgrading from previous versions, use this on-line installer
AVG Internet Security 2015 on-line

AVG PC Tuneup is your one stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC. Fix issues affecting your PC's performance and enjoy a faster running PC. Get rid of tell tale traces of your activity and files you hoped were gone for good.
Only $45 for a 1 year subscription, $64 2yr subscription

Or for those that want to try AVG FREE to see the power and friendliness of AVG products, download from here.  The Free version has many components not functional, and is NOT to be used in commercial or business environments
AVG Free 2015 off-line

AVG Free 2015 64bit only off-line
If you are upgrading from previous versions, use this on-line installer
AVG Free 2015 on-line

Download PDF manual for all Versions

More information from our Rural Systems website
For those on slower connections, CD versions are available for $7.50 extra

Another very effective cleanup is MalwareBytes cleanup

All systems need regular cleaning of temporary and unused files.  This Cleanup4 is a great tool. Download, install and have a great cleanup. Cleanup4.5


Other popular downloads
Microsoft Office compatibility with Office 2007
This upgrade lets you load Office 2007 compressed file formats in older Office versions
Microsoft Powerpoint Reader

Microsoft Excel Reader
Microsoft Word Reader
These files allow viewing only of the above Office components if you haven't the full programs.

We get many calls from users who have trouble getting Acrobat Reader from the web.  Click this link to download
 Acrobat X1 (11)



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