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ADSL Pricing        Dials

Once off connection fee of $120 applies.  All connections 6mth duration from initial setup, or early termination fee may apply.  Plans may be altered at any time, fee applies for excessive changes. There are no charges for shaped data. Excess data plans are not available.

All plans allow unlimited download, when allocation is reached, connection is shaped as indicated.  All connections are layer3, residential.  Business grade layer2 please inquire.  Not all exchanges have layer2 capability.  All connections must meet line qualification.
Other options such as fixed IP, Custom Domain Name & VPN please inquire.
ADSL2+ connections ONLY available at some exchanges, generally Metro and Regional City, AND where distance from the exchange permit.  Please enquire.

Billing is via invoice at the beginning of each plan period. This is to be paid within 7 days, or you can provide us with your credit card details and authorisation to direct debit for you at the due date as a MOTO.  See our Terms and Conditions page for Financial Hardship inquiries

1.5Mbps Plan Transmission Rate Cost Shaped Speed
5Gb 1.5Mbps/256Kbps $39.95/$7.99g 64K/64Kbps
8Mbps Plan Transmission Rate


Shaped Speed
5Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


15Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


25Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


50Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


100Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


150Gb 8Mbps/384Kbps


20Gbs Plan Transmission Rate


Shaped Speed
5Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps


15Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps $55.95/$3.73g 64/64Kbps
25Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps $59.95/$2.39 64/64Kbps
50Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps $74.95/$1.49g 64/64Kbps
100Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps $95.95/.93g 64/64Kbps
150Gb 20Gbps/1Gbps



Data Usage
Data usage is hard to gauge, but a rule of thumb is if a file indicates 50mb size downloading, this could be as high as 52mb of actual data usage with headers and footers, part of the file structure.  Large movie and music downloads sometimes require the use of a 'torrent', a software package that sources available file 'parts' from anywhere on the web, and presumably downloads quicker, BUT the fallacy of this is torrents 'seed' to other users what you may already have of that file. This then increases you overall data usage dramatically, as uploaded data counts as well as downloaded data for your data usage. Most well designed torrents allow configuring of 'seeds', and torrents should never be left 'live' in you computer, as they can seed uploads at any time the computer is switched on and logged onto the internet.

Mail is also a trap for high data usage IF large attachments are sent, or received. Normally say a 5mb file is attached, that can create a 6-7mb data usage in transmission, allowing again for the body of the email, as well as the previously explained 'header and footer' of most graphic files.  Most providers have attachment size limits per email, say 10mb, but multiples of these messages can dramatically use the data limit of the connection.

Our shaped services have an anniversary, say setup took place on the 15th of the month, that is your anniversary, meaning shaping is lifted on that day, back to plan speeds. If this repeatedly happens per month, please contact us to discuss plan changes to larger data limits, these take place if desired within hours of request, also resetting your anniversary to that date.

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